Task Force

Youth provide unique and fresh voices to the dialogue about creating great places. The Youth in Planning Task Force aims to raise youth awareness of the importance of their voice informing our future and to provide resources for teachers, planners, and public officials to engage youth in planning processes that generate lasting value. 

Washington, By and By, a graphic novel about Youth and Planning, is available for free download!

Go to our Washington, By and By webpage to download the graphic novel and begin sharing it with youth, teachers, and planners across the state. APA WA provided the initial funding to launch this project and numerous planners across the state supported its completion through a Kickstarter campaign. Thank you to all who lent their support.

Now, our goal is to get the novel into every high school classroom across the state to inspire young people to engage in planning initiatives going on in their local communities. Comprehensive Plan updates are just around the corner. Wouldn’t it be great if each town had young people engaged in dialogue about how to make their communities great places for all to live, work, learn and play now, and in the future?

Download the graphic novel, share the link and talk it up with everyone you know. The novel along with our Reader’s Toolkit and other resources on our site can help you open the world of planning to young people everywhere. 


Youth Outreach and Engagement
See examples of initiatives different jurisdictions took to get youth involved in their planning processes. Find activities that focus on particular planning topics such as comprehensive planning, land use, transportation, sustainability, housing and human services, equity, and urban design.

Career Day
Give an introduction to the planning profession at a local school or job fair. 

Tips & Tricks
Learn best practices for connecting with teachers, developing successful projects, and empowering youth from planners who have already gotten their feet wet bringing planning into schools.


Check out a host of projects on different planning topics that cover core academic subjects including interdisciplinary studies, social studies, science, integrated environment and sustainability, technology, mathematics, English language arts, and the arts.

Project Highlight: Fifth and Sixth Graders Learn How to Plan a City as Part of the University of Washington's Summer Challenge Program

Youth and Local Government

What matters to YOUth?
Learn about youth priorities and what is important to them in their communities.

What is planning?
Discover fun videos and websites that provide synopses of the world of planning.

How to get your great ideas heard by City Hall?
See examples of actions youth took to get their voice heard.

Youth Boards, Councils
Learn about communities with formal structures for youth involvement.

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities
Locate communities with positions for youth volunteers and interns.

Other Resources

Click on the links below to find a host of other resources available to youth, teachers, planners and local governments for engaging youth in planning:

Share Your Experience

Help us learn effective ways of engaging youth by sharing your experiences. Contact the Youth in Planning Task Force Co-chairs for the APA WA Chapter: Steve Butler at [email protected], or Gwen Rousseau at [email protected]

Current task force members also include: Olivia Marie Schronce, Darryl Eastin, Gwen Rousseau, Paula Reeves, Melanie Mayock, Rosey Atkinson, Dee Caputo, Stephanie Velasco, and Dave Andersen.