APA Washington Board

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To contact a board member, please log in to your member profile to and search the Member Directory to view their current contact information. If you are not a member, please contact the APA WA office and we will connect you with the right board member.

Executive Board

President Yorik Stevens-Wajda, AICP City of Everett
Vice President Judith Perez, AICP PBS Engineering
Secretary Dinah Reed Pierce County
Treasurer Al Torrico Toll Brothers
President Elect Pending elections  
Past President  Nancy Eklund City of Tukwila
Columbia Section Erin Braich Benton Franklin COG
Inland Empire Section Shauna Harshman City of Spokane
Northwest Section Nora Pederson Island County 
Peninsula Section Kell Rowan Mason County
Puget Sound Section Karl Almgren, AICP City of Lynnwood
Southwest Section Sam Rubin, AICP WSP
South Sound Section Ryan Andrews City of Lacey

Standing Committees

Annual Conference Chad Eiken, AICP City of Vancouver
Awards (Joint) Jonathan Kesler (PAW) City of Kent
Darby Cowles, AICP (APA) City of Bellingham
Communications  Laura Benjamin, AICP PSRC
Ben Braudrick, AICP City of Port Angeles
Community Planning Assistance Team Bob Bengford, AICP Makers, Inc.
Patrick Lynch, AICP Transpo Group
Continuing Education Nikole Coleman, AICP  City of Poulsbo
Diversity Committee Maren Murphy, AICP, co-chair City of Spokane
Gwen Rousseau, AICP, co-chair City of Bellevue
Legislative Committee Paula Reeves, AICP  Department of Health
Membership Committee Vacant  
Nominations Vacant  
Planning Official Development Officer Dee Caputo, FAICP Retired
Professional Development Officer Wayne Carlson, FAICP AHBL, Inc.
Scholarship Committee Wells Williams, AICP Retired
Kirk Rappe, AICP City of Lynnwood
Tribal Committee Michael Cardwell, AICP Quinault Tribe
Youth in Planning Steve Butler, FAICP MRSC
Gwen Rousseau, AICP City of Bellevue

Ad Hoc Committees

FAICP Nominations Committee Leonard Bauer, FAICP King County 
Karen Wolf, FAICP King County
Sponsorship Program Vacant  


Allied Professions Liaison Vacant  
UW Professionals Council Representative Janet Shull, AICP CUD City of Seattle
EWU Faculty Representative Dr. Matt Anderson Eastern Washington University
UW Faculty Representative Brandon Born University of Washington
Department of Urban Design & Planning
WWU Faculty Representative Paul Stangl Western Washington University
EWU Student Representative
Elias Sandoval-Clarimon Eastern Washington University
UW Student Representative

Tanner Machala

University of Washington
Planning Student Assistant
WWU Student Representative
Nick Schmeck Skagit County