Washington By and By

Washington, By and By

A new civic engagement graphic novel from the
American Planning Association Washington State Chapter

The Youth in Planning Taskforce of the Washington State Chapter of the American Planning Association will publish a new graphic novel for teens, "Washington, By and By," about community planning and housing. The full-color, 48-page story follows the adventures of diverse teens from around the state who meet in a summer program. Beginning in August 2019, the Taskforce will make the novel available for free download to students, teachers, and librarians.

The effort will be funded, in part, through a Kickstarter campaign running now through June 21, 2019. Please spread the word! Click here to read more about it.

"We commissioned Washington, By and By, to raise young people’s awareness of their civic responsibility and potential to influence decisions that make their own communities better places to live for all," said Shane Hope, member of the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association and initiator of the graphic novel concept for Washington.

As the story of the summer program unfolds, Cricket, Daniel, Jenna, and Ben are forced to confront the intersections of power, development, displacement, and preservation in their lives and the lives of the people around them.

Cricket, the daughter of property caretakers near Chelan, is an avid nature lover. The morning she departs for camp Cricket learns devastating news: her family is selling their home. The mobile home they live in isn’t worth much but the property, set deep in nature on a beautiful lake, is worth a lot.




Daniel, a city-loving Tukwila resident with strong ties to his Quinault tribal community, is a keen observer, artist, and skeptic. He believes acknowledging the state’s past is critical, but it’s not until he argues with his new friends that he realizes his voice can help shape the future.





Jenna is a 5th generation apple farmer from the Yakima Valley. She has an economist's eye on housing and development issues when she realizes that some of the issues the team is debating about might also be happening on her own family’s farm.





Technophile Ben opens his heart and home in Redmond to his new friends. When he realizes Cricket's dilemma might have been created in part by his own family’s activities, he's forced to ask himself what his values might mean for other people.




Washington, By and By, supports the Washington State civic education requirement and aligns with the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Deeply researched and place-based, the book serves as a jumping off point for examining critical questions: How does planning happen? Why does planning matter? How does housing affect people's lives? How should people balance issues now with issues that will come up in the future? What is the role and responsibility of youth in shaping where they live - and where they might live in the future? The book will be supported with additional online resources.

"Washington, By and By," is being developed by Gabrielle Lyon, Devin Mawdsely and Kayce Bayer, the creative team whose graphic novel for the Chicago Architecture Center, No Small Plans, received critical praise and inspired the Washington State initiative.

"The planning profession suffers from a lack of professionals from diverse backgrounds as well as a dearth of input from youth. Our team is thrilled to be partnering with the state of Washington to create a novel that allows young people to see themselves represented and make the profession more accessible and inviting," said Gabrielle Lyon.