This series of videos, produced by APA, is intended to provide local planners with a tool to start a conversation with elected officials and the public about each of these important emerging planning issues. We hope they will provide a basis for action in your community.

  • Regional Collaboration: This 7-minute video highlights how small communities are working together to solve shared problems and take effective action.
  • Building Social Capital: This 6-minute video describes current research on social capital and how you can build more connections in your community and more effective governance through planning processes and through urban design.
  • Inclusive Growth: This 7-minute video describes actions that 3 communities in Washington are doing to foster social equity and affordable housing in their area.
  • Planning for Healthy Communities: This 6-minute video highlights health challenges that planners can address and actions that 3 communities are taking to create healthy communities.
  • Planning for the New Reality: This 18-minute video features former national APA president, Mitch Silver, talking about societal changes affecting how communities plan for the future. The full one-hour presentation is available to APA members for training purposes, by arrangement with the APA Washington chapter.