Planner II/GIS | Pendleton, OR

Employer: Umatilla County
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: $4,633.00/month
Location: Pendleton, OR
Opening Date: 6/2/2021
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Job Description: 

Prepares and administers land use ordinances, comprehensive plans, and related land use planning projects/programs which guide land use and development within Umatilla County. Serves as the lead for preparing and maintaining digital maps and data for use in a Geographic Information System (GIS) by the Planning Department.

Job Duties: 

Essential Elements of this position are noted as [EE]

  • Planning - Data collection and research, writing staff reports and findings, reviewing land use proposals and ordinances, interpretation of state land use laws and court decisions and how they affect the county, working with and organizing meetings for citizen group sand public agencies relating to county land use plans and proposals. Develops and coordinates specific grants and projects funded by various state or federal agencies. Part of planning team for long-range planning, including updates to the Comprehensive Plan, Transportation System Plan and other special land use projects. May be assigned lead responsibility for certain long range planning projects; responsibility will include every aspect of a planning project. EE
  • GIS – Coordinate GIS data to support planning related projects; develop standards and implement procedures for GIS creation and maintenance of maps and complex databases; research data sources, digitize data and collect geospatial and attribute data; perform complex analyses of data specific to project demands or requests from the Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission or Planning Director; produce maps, charts and other graphic information displays; develop written reports of data; develop maintain and update a variety of map resources and online maps; may participate in website development and maintenance to make cartographic and GIS information and resources available to the public; create vicinity maps and research adjacent property owners &address for public notices; assign rural addresses and process road naming applications as necessary for development; coordinate with US Census Bureau on planning related activities, including but not limited to submitting annual Boundary & Annexation Survey; assist PSU Population Research Center with County information; process GIS, map and data requests from the public. EE
  • Administration - General correspondence duties pertaining to planning matters; review of general planning data received and report to Director; provide planning and county information when requested by agencies or the general public; assist public at the front counter by answering questions, reviewing documents, providing general interpretation of the Development Ordinance, Administrative Rules, State Statutes, the land use process. Provide hands on assistance in completing necessary application forms. EE
  • Work Assignment and Supervision - Assign normal work to administrative staff, such as request to mail out reports, notices, etc.; supervise and check above assigned work.
  • Other Related Work as Required - Involves various assignments and projects requested by the Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission or Planning Director. May include research or GIS work related to planning, economic development, or related subjects.


Desirable Knowledge, Abilities and Skills Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of land use planning in Oregon; working knowledge of zoning and subdivision ordinances and ability to apply them to specific development proposals; working knowledge of governmental and legal procedures and terminology regarding land use planning; ability to develop and supervise a project work program, perform research, compile technical data, plans and specifications; ability to write technical planning related reports; knowledge of GIS principles, applications and database development; knowledge of GIS software including ArcGIS and ability to manage, manipulate, model and represent data; knowledge of the principles, methods and tools used to perform data analysis; knowledge of the principles and methods of cartography; ability to maintain harmonious relations with the public and governmental officers; ability to provide assistance to the general public at the front counter and at meetings.

Experience and Training

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university with major course work in community planning, geography, or related field.
  • Work experience in city, county or regional planning and experience using geographic information systems with an emphasis on planning and development; or any satisfactory equivalent combination of education, experience, and training is preferred.

How to Apply:

Use of Umatilla County application is MANDATORY. You can find more information on our website at: