Senior Planner | Bellevue, WA

Employer: City of Bellevue
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: $82,007.40 - $113,161.44
Location: Bellevue, WA 
Opening Date: 03/29/2021
Closing Date: 04/15/2021

Job Description:

Bellevue is a dynamic multicultural and future-focused city. Bellevue is building the city of the future. Our welcoming, innovation-focused community attracts technology pioneers, outdoor enthusiasts, and family-focused professionals from around the world. At Bellevue, you'll be part of a team committed to providing exceptional customer service, upholding the public interest and being a part of the community vision. Our people bring unique skills and qualities to the table, embrace the values of honesty, accountability and commitment to service, and take pride in the work they do. You'll work in an environment where being innovative, collaborative, and future focused are the status quo. Bellevue welcomes the world, our diversity is our strength. We are looking for an innovative and collaborative Senior Planner to join our team. This position will report to the Neighborhood Development Planning Manager and be on a team that makes up one of four work groups within the land use division. You will engage and collaborate with a very diverse client base within our dynamic community. You’ll put your top-notch analytic skills and exceptional customer service skills to work. As a senior in your field, you’ll bring your depth of knowledge primarily to land use permit review, but will also mentor, train, and support staff and assist in developing ordinances and regulations related to a wide range of topics related to the design of the built environment and furthering the city's vision and goals. Development Services is a multi-department line of business that offers one-stop shopping for general information and the permits needed for development activity in Bellevue and the surrounding service areas.

Job Duties:

Development Review and ManagementDevelopment review and project management of a wide range of development applications, including complex administrative and quasi-judicial development projects and politically sensitive projects with a focus on large design review projects in the Downtown, BelRed, and other commercial and design districts in the city. The project management responsibilities include ensuring timelines are met and client satisfaction for a large array of application types.

Land use and urban design analysis; Prepare detailed staff reports supporting each project's compliance with city codes and guidelines, incorporating review by other city departments. Conduct pre-application conferences and other predevelopment client services. Make recommendations on quasi-judicial project review to the Hearing Examiner. Conduct public meetings, land use hearings, and present technical material to citizen groups, commissions, and the City Council. Use technical expertise and experience to mentor and advise less experienced staff in resolving land use and environmental issues.

Assist in the preparation of ordinances and processes related primarily to Land UsePerforms reviews and approve projects where the combination of size, scope, complexity, policy implications, gray areas, and political sensitivity or client goals and expectations require unique skill and planning/design expertise. Policy Analysis and Code Development.

Assist on development of ordinances and processes related to the Land Use Code. Participate in staff training, public outreach, and inter-departmental teams to advance Bellevue's urban design vision. Represent the City or Department in various regional and local decision-making forums, including regional forums, governmental bodies, and community groups. Oversee and establish methodologies for data collection, analysis, and complex studies related to land use, transportation, community development, and environmental impacts. Public InformationProvide official response to inquiry from citizens as well as local, State, and Federal entities. Make presentations to Boards and Commissions, community groups, and private organizations. Write and produce public information materials. Assist visitors at the Land Use desk in the Development Services Permit Center with general information about land use, environmental issues, and other regulations under the authority of the Land Use Division.

Manage special projects having to do with land use policy and code development.



  • A degree in urban planning, land use, architecture, or landscape architecture is required or equivalent.
  • Five or more years of professional or related experience in the public sector, as described above, with experience reviewing complex development projects, making presentations to large and small audiences such as boards and commissions, and experience working on cross-disciplinary teams.


Skills include:

  • The ability to communicate planning and architectural concepts clearly and concisely – orally, graphically, and in writing.
  • Organization and writing of detailed staff reports using strong writing skills to communicate a project's compliance with City codes, approval criteria, and guidelines.
  • The ability to assist with specialized and complex planning assignments such as code and design guideline development.
  • Project management of cross-disciplinary teams reviewing complex development projects and/or technical planning studies.
  • Independent interpretation of adopted guidelines and policies and ability to negotiate design outcomes to achieve them.
  • Code and policy conflict identification and resolution.
  • Analytical competency and the ability to effectively communicate methodology and results.

Knowledge of:

  • Principles, practices, regulations, and techniques in the field of land use, site planning, architecture, urban design, and/or environmental planning as they pertain to current planning and development review.
  • Local government and political decision-making process.

Ability to:

  • Communicate effectively with individuals, applicants, and groups regarding complex and/or controversial land use and planning policies and regulations.
  • Organize and participate in committees and public meetings and communicate ideas effectively.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff of other departments, work groups, agencies, elected and appointed officials, and the community/public.
  • Manage review teams to ensure review is meeting required timelines.
  • Provide exceptional customer service to citizens, developers, consultants, and staff.
  • Become an integral member of the Neighborhood Development Team and work collaboratively with the Team to interpret the Land Use Code.

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