Engineering Plans Examiner - City of Olympia

Engineering Plans Examiner

Employer: City of Olympia
Job Title: Engineering Plans Examiner
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Olympia, WA
Opening Date: 02/05/2019
Closing Date: Until Filled - To be considered for the first round of interviews submit your application by 5:00 pm on February 26, 2019
Salary: $84,510.40 Annually

Job Description: The Olympia Community Planning and Development Department seeks a qualified individual to fill the position of Engineering Plans Examiner. This is a project funded position that will last through 2019. Projects will include plan review, coordinating comments from other staff members, and answering general City engineering questions through email, phone conversations, and meeting with the public at the front counter. The Engineering Plans Examiner is also responsible for project close out including processing appropriate legal documents; the review of private utility permit applications; and the review of public utility extensions in the Urban Growth Area to serve private development projects. The selected individual will be responsible for providing technical expertise in plan review and project coordination for civil engineering improvements for commercial development, plat improvements, and utilities both public and private. The Engineering Plans Examiner will be assisting in reviewing multiple projects in varying stages in the process as part of a work group providing reviews of conceptual designs, construction plans, and revised submittals for projects under construction. Initial key responsibilities will include plan review, coordinating comments from other staff members, answering general City engineering questions through email, phone conversations, and meeting with the public at the front counter. The Engineering Plans Examiner is also responsible for project close out including processing appropriate legal documents.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Experience, education and knowledge of the major functions listed above
  • Degree in, or focus in civil engineering
  • Municipal government civil engineering experience
  • Experience in research
  • Customer service experience including conflict resolution
  • Proficient interpersonal skills
  • Ability to understand all elements of civil engineering with the ability to facilitate problem solving with design and construction issues. 

Job Duties:

The essential functions of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Responsible for the accurate review of plats, private utilities, and commercial development engineering plans for compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances, and standards.
  • Review plans for compatibility with existing City systems, materials, location, grade, size and general engineering feasibility.
  • Analyze water/sewer mains, storm drainage systems, street/sidewalk construction, planned residential developments, subdivisions, short plats and all commercial developments for compliance with applicable standards.
  • Respond to applicant questions regarding various processes, procedures, standards and requirements.
  • Monitor status of current plan reviews and permits.
  • Coordinate process with developers or consultants in pre-submission conferences, including explaining requirements, such as: frontage improvement, utility extensions, street improvements, City ordinances, codes and policy matters pertinent to review approval.
  • Conduct research and provide written information for response to applicants and the City's Site Plan Review process.
  • Process and route plans.
  • Punctual, regular and reliable attendance is essential for successful job performance.



  • Knowledge of Federal, State and City laws, ordinances, policies and standards governing engineering practices.
  • Knowledge of general survey, drafting and engineering practices and principles and engineering research procedures.
  • Skill in plans reading and review specific to municipal government and including public/private utilities, streets, and stormwater design.
  • Skill reviewing plans in digital format.
  • Skill and accuracy in performing engineering measurements/calculations.
  • Skill in conflict resolution and managing stressful situations.
  • Ability to sustain concentration and attention to detail, despite frequent interruptions and high noise/activity levels.
  • Ability to review plans quickly and accurately.
  • Ability to communicate technical information effectively using various media.
  • Ability to effectively communicate and coordinate efforts with a diverse group of individuals.
  • Ability to meet rigid deadlines and organize daily work effectively.
  • Ability to clearly, concisely and professionally inform all involved individuals of engineering design requirements.
  • Ability to work as a member of a service oriented team.
  • Demonstrated punctual, regular and reliable attendance is required.


  • Any combination of formal education and/or work experience equaling four years which provides individuals with the required knowledge, skills and abilities will be considered.
  • Experience in a municipal/county development services or public works program, EIT or degree in Civil Engineering or a closely related field is preferred.

Special Requirements:

  • A valid Washington State Driver's License is required.
  • Some positions may require two years minimum work experience in specialty plans review area such as utilities.

How to Apply: 

This is a continuous recruitment. In order to be considered for the first round of interviews submit your application by 5 pm February 26, 2019. Only electronic applications are accepted. Submit a resume and cover letter by attaching them to your electronic application. The cover letter must be no more than two pages and include specific examples of how you meet the Ideal Candidate Profile (above).

Contact Information: If you have questions about this position and/or requirements, please contact Tim Smith at (360) 570-3915 or via email at [email protected].

Supplemental Information: 


  • The Engineering Plans Examiner has significant, daily contact with Public Works, Fire Department, departmental co-workers, general public and other public/private agencies for the purpose of work coordination, information sharing/gathering, and problem resolution.
  • The Examiner also has frequent contact with field inspectors, records staff, and permit specialists to ensure a smooth and consistent flow of work and information.
  • The Examiner provides information and assistance to members of the public using tact and courteous behaviors in keeping with the City's customer service policies.
  • Contact with builders and homeowners is for the purpose of gaining compliance with codes and regulations while maintaining friendly and cooperative work Relationships.


  • The Engineering Plans Examiner is accountable for prioritizing workloads; completing timely reviews; the technical quality and accuracy of the plans reviews; and properly informing applicants of the processes, procedures and any engineering design problems prior to construction.

Working Conditions:

  • The Engineering Plans Examiner performs the majority of duties in an office environment and may perform duties at the front counter, which requires standing for long periods of time and managing competing requests for assistance.
  • Technical, thorough review of plans requires periods of sustained, intense concentration.
  • Field site inspections are required, which may be at constructions sites, will be outdoors in all types of weather, and require ability to navigate uneven terrain and various building levels.

The City of Olympia is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse workforce. Women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.