City of Burien, Washington
Department of Community Development
415 SW 150th Street Burien, Washington 98166
Phone: (206) 241-4647 Fax: (206) 248-5539

Informational Handout

Pursuant to Burien Municipal Code (BMC) Section 19.65.050 and Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Section 36.70B.080, the City of Burien’s goal is to issue a Notice of Decision within the time periods listed below. These time periods begin when a complete application is submitted and are extended when additional information is requested by the City.

  • Binding site plan (120 days)
  • Land use review, Type 1 (60 days for SEPA determination; 120 days for Critical Area Review; 90 days for all others)
  • Land use review, Type 2 (120 days)
  • Land use review, Type 3 (120 days)
  • Shoreline permits (120 days) and shoreline exemptions (30 days)
  • Preliminary short plat (90 days—2 lots; 120 days—3 or 4 lots)
  • Preliminary subdivision (120 days)

The following types of permit applications are exempt from the requirements of BMC 19.65.050. The City of Burien has established the following goals for issuance of a decision on the following permits. The upper end of the range represents permits which are complex, require engineering review or contain poor quality information:

Building Permits
Single-family, new 4-6 weeks
Single-family, addition 4-6 weeks
Single-family, remodel 2-4 weeks
Multi-family/commercial, new 8-10 weeks
Multi-family/commercial, addition 6-8 weeks
Mutli-family/commercial remodel or tenant improvement 2-6 weeks
Sign permits 2 weeks
Plumbing permits Over the counter-4 weeks
Mechanical permits Over the counter-4 weeks
Electrical permits Over the counter-2 weeks
Land clearing and grading permit (30 days)
Lot line adjustments  (30 days)
Right-of-way permits (1-2 weeks)
Street use permits (1-2 weeks)
Street vacation (120 days)