New AICP Members and AICP Candidate Members

Wayne E. Carlson, FAICP

APA WA Professional Development Officer
[email protected]  | 206.658.2674

NEW AICP Members and Member Candidates!

Congratulations to Washington’s newest AICP planners on this personal and professional accomplishment!

November 2019 Exam
AICP Members
  • Noah Boggess, AICP
  • Matt Covert, AICP
  • Ian Crozier, AICP
  • Joshua Kubitza, AICP
  • Bianca Popescu, AICP
  • Ryan Stewart, AICP
  • Samantha Thomas, AICP
AICP Candidates
  • Emily Adams, AICP Candidate
  • Anthony De Simone, AICP Candidate
  • Lee Ann Ryan, AICP Candidate
  • Meredith Sampson, AICP Candidate
June/July 2020 Exam
AICP Members
  • Shanta Frantz, AICP
  • Benjamin Johnson, AICP
AICP Candidates
  • Melissa Johnston, AICP Candidate
  • Andreas Wolfe, AICP Candidate

Again, over the last two testing cycles, Washington APA has exhibited a higher pass rate than seen nationally for both AICP exam-takers and AICP Candidate test-takers!

Exam Candidate Type Washington United States
Number Passing Rate Number Passing Rate
Nov 2019 AICP 7 of 10 70% 339 of 551 62%
AICP Candidate 4 of 7 57% 129 of 235 55%
June 2020 AICP  2 of 3 67% 201 of 308 65%
AICP Candidate 2 of 3 67% 74 of 112 66%


AICP (Exam) Candidate Program

Over the next few months, the Chapter will be reaching out to the State’s three Planning Advisory Board-accredited planning programs to assist planning students and recent graduates to successfully enroll in the AICP Candidate Program and prepare for the AICP exam.

As a reminder, APA allows qualified APA members take the AICP exam prior to achieving all of the required education and experience.  To enroll in this pilot AICP Candidate Program, applicants must be students or graduates of a Planning Advisory Board accredited planning program.  To participate in the program:

  • Enroll in the program at any time 
  • Register for the AICP Certification Exam in December or June after you graduate
  • Use the payment program for exam fees
  • Take the exam prior to earning professional planning experience

Learn more about how you can enroll in the AICP Candidate Program, or contact me at the address noted