February 22, 2019
LEAD: Legislative Education, Advocacy & Direction
2019 Edition 2

Please Review Draft APA Policy Guides on Housing, Social Equity, and Surface Transportation

The state legislative session is in full swing, and your legislative committee has been working hard to identify bills of interest, review them, and weigh in when appropriate. We’ll have an update in the next chapter newsletter about the first month of this year’s legislative session.

In the meantime, please take a moment to review and comment on draft APA policy guides on equity, housing, and surface transportation that were developed by APA members and approved by APA's Legislative and Policy Committee. These policy guides represent a ton of work by dedicated volunteers, and the recommended policies aim to create just, healthy, and prosperous communities that expand opportunities for all.

These policy guides are used by your chapter’s legislative committee as a touchstone against which we review bills and express support or opposition, or suggest amendments, on behalf of the chapter. Your participation in getting the policies right will help ensure that these three APA policy guides, representing crucial topics, reflect the breadth of member perspectives and move us closer to our shared vision of great communities.

The comment period ends on February 28. Once comments are incorporated, the policy guides will be considered for amendment and adoption in April at the national planning conference in San Francisco by the delegate assembly, which is made up of representatives from each chapter across the country. If you are interested in serving as a delegate, please reach out to Esther Larsen at [email protected].

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