Senior Planner

Employer: Snohomish County Planning and Development Services
Job Title: Senior Planner
Job Type: Full-Time
Division: Planning/Development
Location: Everett, WA 
Opening Date: 04/25/2019
Closing Date: 05/27/2019

Job Description: The mission of the Snohomish County Planning and Development Services (PDS) Department is to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations by promoting protection of natural resources and facilitating the development of safe, sustainable and resilient communities.

PDS seeks employees who are self-managing high performers, accountable for their actions, and dedicated to providing superior customer service. Ideal candidates are excited about change and learning, are innovative, organized, exceptionally customer-service oriented, and have a passion for public service.

PDS is recruiting for a Senior Planner in its Long Range Planning division.

Job Duties
To act as a project manager and coordinating member on assigned planning team.  Provides leadership, experience and up to date technical expertise in one or more specialized current or long-range planning fields.   


  • Serves as project manager for assigned current and long-range planning function(s); provides customer service and technical assistance to groups and individuals inside and outside the department. 
  • Analyzes issues and develops land use, environmental, cultural resources, economic development, housing, community development, local government capital facility policy proposals; formulates plans, plan amendments, plan implementation strategies and regulations; presents policy recommendations and plan proposals to policymakers and the general public.
  • Serves as project manager and conducts development application review process which determines permit application completeness and conformance with comprehensive plans and applicable policies, regulations and codes; inspects and evaluates properties to determine physical characteristics and compatibility with adjacent land uses; route applications to other interested agencies and groups for comment; schedules and conducts technical review meetings with applicants and other parties; negotiates project redesign as appropriate; prepares and schedules cases for public hearings; reviews final site plans and approve minor plan modifications.
  • Schedules and performs lead staff role in public meetings, hearings, and council sessions for comprehensive plan, code amendments, and development application review, and acts as executive branch representative; supervises and/or completes the preparation of staff reports and recommendations, graphics, displays, brochures, leaflets and slide/tape shows; prepares oral and written presentations including findings and reports; responds to questions and solicits input as appropriate.
  • Monitors and evaluates plans and implementation strategies; amends and revises plans as necessary; prepares and revises codes and other land use controls; reviews annexation proposals.
  • Prepares reports and conducts environmental review under GMA, SEPA and Snohomish County Codes for the department and reviews other agencies' environmental assessments.
  • Conducts economic, demographic, housing, and land use-related studies, projects, analyses, and forecasts; develops and maintains empirical databases to support land use and other planning activities; designs and implements development monitoring systems.
  • Responds to inquiries for comprehensive plan, code, and development information; interprets existing plans, policies and codes for the public.
  • Negotiates inter-local agreements and memoranda of understanding with other jurisdictions for planning and plan implementation activities.
  • Reviews plans, regulations, and other proposals prepared by other agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Designs and implements public involvement, information, and communication processes; supports county boards and committees; leads and/or participates in inter-agency planning teams, processes and/or development application reviews.
  • Coordinates projects with senior planners, planners, cartographers, and secretaries in performing plan preparation or complex development review and technical study tasks.
  • Prepares and administers grant projects and consultant contracts; performs consultant selection as needed.
  • Provides technical assistance and training related to code interpretation and code amendments to department staff and customers as needed.
  • Analyzes proposed, existing, and new local, state, and federal legislation and makes recommendations for implementation or other action as necessary.
  • Attends professional seminars, training, and meetings as required.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.  
  • Serves as project manager for code development projects; analyzes issues and researches comprehensive plans, applicable policies, regulations, and codes prior to drafting legislation, code interpretations, and related staff reports.
  • Provides GMA and SEPA reviews related to code amendment projects.
  • Coordinates with county staff, citizens, and agencies during the drafting and review of legislative proposals.
  • Schedules and presents legislative proposals in public meetings, hearings, and council sessions.
  • Interprets existing and develops new county land use planning policies, rules and regulations as necessary.


  • A Bachelor's degree in planning or a related field; AND four (4) years of planning or related experience; OR, any equivalent combination of training and/or related experience that provides the required knowledge, and abilities.
  • Must pass job-related tests.

How to Apply: Apply at