Planning Director

Employer: Ferry County
Job Type: Administration of Planning Dept
Location: Republic, WA
Opening Date: Immediately
Closing Date: 09/28/2017
Salary: $41,500 DOE

Job Description:

Responsible for all personnel and activities of the Planning Department. Work of this class requires a general understanding of governmental practices and principles, applicable codes, ordinances, laws and policies. Ability to apply and interpret county, state, federal and tribal laws, regulations, policies, and procedures including the Ferry County Comprehensive Plan in order to apply these to land use development. Is responsible for the development and implementation of current land use and building code ordinances to keep them consistent with the comprehensive plan, and/or new county, state and federal regulations. Works directly with the public, answering questions, informing them of development requirements and assisting them through the application and review process. Administers all aspects of implementation of the Growth Management Legislation. Responsible for environmental review of all permit applications including building permits and Tri-County Health septic permits. Administers, reviews, issues permits and enforces the platting, shorelines, critical areas (wetlands, floodplains, critical aquifer recharge areas, geologically hazardous areas, and fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas), development regulations, concurrency, and SEPA regulations and the public notice requirements. Maintains all general office and budgetary functions. Work of this class involves considerable independent judgment and discretion in the interpretation, application, and enforcement of laws, regulations, and county policies applicable to planning operations and activities. Reports to Board of County Commissioners on a regular basis to keep them informed and to receive direction and clarification on departmental activities. 

Job Duties:

Duties include permitting and enforcement functions, such as environmental health regulations, subdivision and site development, concurrency, mining, SEPA, shorelines, critical areas (wetlands, floodplains, critical aquifer recharge areas, geologically hazardous areas, and fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas) and other water related issues. Reviews all planning and building permit applications and also reviews all septic permits prior to issue by Tri-County Health. Work includes grant administration, interpretation and implementation of county ordinances, and development of appropriate planning guidelines, controls, and policies. Considerable coordination with other county departments, county, state, federal and tribal agencies, as well as the public, as part of the overall public relations function. Develop informational tools, interpret and explain information and participate in special projects. Attend and conduct public meetings; prepares staff analysis and related reports for committees, county commissioners and planning commission. Acts as Planning Commission Secretary, providing staff support and making recommendations to the Planning Commission regarding specific project results and development plan review recommendations. Provides technical advice and assistance to the commission in making decisions, publishes agendas, produces minutes or summaries for these meetings. Responds to inquiries from the public by phone, through correspondence and in person to provide information to property owners, developers and other interested parties pertaining to land use development, ordinances and codes. Assists the public, processes and enforces all land use development and platting permits and public notice requirements. Reviews each application for shoreline designations, wetlands, floodplains, SEPA, aquifer recharge areas, fish and wildlife conservation areas, riparian areas, historic and archaeological sites, geological hazard areas, ownership, previously platted lands, and lot sizes. Performs environmental review on all building permits, including environmental review of septic permits in coordination with Tri-County Health. Routes and types building permits. Administers all aspects of implementation of the Growth Management Legislation. Organize; prepare materials and research information for public meetings. Facilitate Public Meetings. Draft development regulations in coordination with the Planning Commission to meet the Growth Management Act. Assists the public with requirements and processes applications as well as enforcement for shorelines, wetlands, floodplains, SEPA, platting and binding site plans, boundary line adjustments, amendments, exemptions, variances and recording procedures. This includes site inspections, posting of properties, review of survey requirements, routing to different departments or agencies for review, advertising, logging activity, recording final documents with the Ferry County Auditor, and maintaining land use files. Balances the monthly budget reports, processing grant payments, maintaining and administration of grant files and the year end grant accountability and administers and prepares the annual departmental budget. 


Qualifications: Education/Experience: A minimum of 3 years' experience in a planning related field preferred. Prior supervisory or management experience preferred. Licenses: Valid Washington State motor vehicle operator's license. Knowledge: Familiarity with computer applications including word processing, data base applications, spreadsheets and computer mapping. General knowledge and/or experience in growth management issues, natural resource management, economic development, environmental and land use law, surveying, and building code requirements. Thorough knowledge of the principles of organization, administration and management. Essential Requirements: Ability to express ideas effectively both orally and in writing. Position involves frequent contact with the general public as well as various public and private officials. The enforcement of these laws is repressive and often times frustrating for both the official and the public. Therefore, it requires understanding and the ability to communicate and resolve conflicts with people on a technical as well as non-technical level. 

How to Apply: (509) 775-5225 Ext 1107

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