Assistant Environmental & Land Use Planner

Employer: Cowlitz County Building & Planning
Job Type: Land Use/Urban and Regional Planning
Location: Kelso, WA 
Opening Date: 09/11/17
Closing Date: Until Filled
Salary: $3,895-$4,326

Job Description:

This position processes applications for land use permits and performs or assists in a wide variety of technical and administrative tasks in the administration of the current and established environmental land use planning regulations and procedures. Reviews land use proposals and administers land management plans as they relate to critical areas, environmental impacts and protection under local, state and federal law and regulations. Reviews of new applicable laws including: the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), State Shoreline Management Act, State Environmental Policy Act, County Floodplain Management Ordinance, County Surface Mine Ordinance and other environmental regulations and their effects to the county, its policies and procedures. This position is a very collaborative and team work oriented position that offers opportunity for career growth within the division. Benefits to this position include four day work weeks, an attractive salary and an exceptional benefits package. There are several healthcare, dental and vision plans available, all of which include coverage for spouses and dependents. Employees are enrolled in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and there are deferred compensation plans available as well. Generous vacation and leave programs are also added benefits. 

Job Duties:

  1. Perform customer service duties at the planning counter. Meet and assist applicants, identify and explain applicable procedures and regulations, and assist them with the proper completion of permit applications. Process applications, including public reviews. Maintain records.
  2. Perform field inspections prior to preparing final reports to determine pre-project site conditions and perform post-permit issuance inspections to monitor compliance with the conditions of approval.
  3. Respond to complaints, investigate reports of violations and recommend appropriate action.
  4. Provides consultation to other departments, public and private agencies, attorneys, builders, engineers, community interest groups and the general public regarding environmental policies, standards and regulations, or refer them to the appropriate local, state or federal agencies with regulatory control or expertise to address problem or complaint.
  5. Assist with preparation of public educational materials and forms about environmental regulations, permit process and procedures.
  6. Prepare and present staff reports and make recommendations on land use applications to the Director, Division Manager, the Planning Commission, Hearing Examiner, and Board of County Commissioners.
  7. Assist to update current or develop new environmental ordinances, codes and regulations, programs and procedures, and coordinate their implementation. Assist in the development of division's long-term planning, setting goals and strategies.
  8. Attend and participates in staff meetings. Provide input and recommendations to improve own work processes and the general operation, performance and services provided by the department.
  9. Prepare and update maps, drawings, visual aids and other graphic materials for the planning division.
  10. Attend training and stay current with ordinances, codes, and legal changes pertaining to the trade and related subjects.
  11. Perform other duties or projects as assigned by the Director or Manager. 


  1. Bachelor's degree in urban or regional planning or related environmental field.
  2. Possess and maintain a valid driver's license. 

How to Apply:

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