Opportunity to Support Gabe's Family

Friends of the Snedekers have started a fundraiser for Sara and Ava to help with any unforseen costs that should arise since Gabe's passing. Gabe took great care of his family which I am sure is no surprise to anyone that knew him. This fundraiser is to focus on the costs that Sara will have over the next 2 years as she finishes her teaching degree and cares for their daughter. The site is www.gofundme.com/cimu7o.

Thank you for any help you can give. -Nicolle Gulick

Comments on Gabe Snedeker's Passing

I hired Gabe as an intern at Shoreline. He was a big wonderful presence. This makes me want to tell all that I know and respect: Take care of yourself. You are admired.

- Mary Lynne Evans

When I heard of Gabe's passing this week, I was terribly saddened. I quickly reminded myself of all the good memories of him. I had the opportunity to collaborate with him on a board, years ago with the Puget Sound Section. We collaborated many times on work-related projects. My wife Lynda also had the opportunity to work with him during her career at City of Redmond. And of course we shared many stories while attending the APA conferences over the years, in which he was a regular attendee.

Gabe was very talented and was a good friend to all of us who knew him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He will truly be missed.

- Todd Hall


As with everyone who worked with Gabe, I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing. I got to know Gabe when he served as the project manager for Oak Harbor's Shoreline Master Program Update during his time at AHBL. Gabe was a quality person in every respect. He provided excellent professional services to the City of Oak Harbor, but more importantly he was fun to work with and a very warm person. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gabe. After our SMP update, I spoke with Gabe at chapter conferences and other events and he always reached out and made you feel like you were a personal friend, not just a colleague. I will miss Gabe very much as I know many in the Washington Planning Community will also.

- Ethan Spoo, Economic Development Coordinator/Senior Planner, City of Oak Harbor

I had the privilege of working with Gabe for perhaps just about a year or year and a half at AHBL, where he supervised me on several projects involving SMP updates, sustainability plans and work for the Port. I just jotted down some qualities that Gabe embodied.

He was honest, real and demanded solutions that were feasible and practical. He was smart and upfront, yet kind and respectful. He was dedicated and hardworking and I believe hard playing too. As a supervisor he was demanding; he had high standards; yet he was encouraging and supportive. He made you want to do your best, and he made you feel like he had your back.

He will be missed. - Gwen Rousseau, City of Bellevue

My path crossed with Gabe's over the years, primarily at the Board but also at work and related to the UW. After hearing the news about his passing, I searched my hotmail account for emails from him. The last exchange we had related to strengthening the chapter's scholarship work. His email focused on ensuring we considered financial need when giving out scholarships and he included a lot of good ideas for inspiring potential donors. His suggestions used words such as welcome, love, pride, teams, embrace, competition... and fun; these are good words to describe Gabe as a person.

- Ivan Miller

I too am deeply saddened to hear of Gabe's passing. I got to know Gabe while he served as co-chair of the Scholarship Committee. I was a witness to Gabe's continual kindness and encouragement to planning students and those interested in the planning profession. As volunteers with WA APA, we had many conversations about the challenge of balancing work, a volunteer position and family. I know that Gabe always put family first. He is and will continue to be missed.

- Tirrell Black

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